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seta Windsurf Teahupoo
adicionado em: 03/10/2014
 I have been doing a really cool boat trip over the French Polinesia , and it’s been an amazing experience, so many great moments , and incredible windsurf conditions.
We basically scored from incredible diving with 250 sharks in a small pass , to snorkeling with humpback whales , amazing perfect sup surf , amazing barrels and also some fun windsurf on Tuamotus on those beautifull coconut islands.
But in Tahiti I scored the most radical and bizare windsurf of my life . I had the chance to windsurf the wave of Teahupoo with amazing swell and really good wind, I think that was the best windsurf condition of my life , so glassy waves , with amazing power and speed , no other wave on the planet could offer this kind of barrels ….
I’m still dreaming about this day , I’m afraid maybe won’t ever find conditions like that again to windsurf in my life.