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Kauli is a very determined athlete. He does all that is necessary to become an A athlete, with specific training, and he takes care of the psycological part through Yoga, physical conditioning and nourishment.
His main characteristic is his radical surf style. Bold and insatiable he always want to be the first to get in the water and the last one to leave. Always trying and testing new manuevers. He trains, on the average, 6 hours a day.
His prefered modalities are Wave and freestyle. When in Brazil sails in Florianópolis, where he lives, on the beaches of Moçambique, Mole and Campeche. But his best place is Ibiraquera (Imbituba beach). Abroad his HQ is in Hookipa, Maui/Hawaii.
When there isn't enough wind to windsurf, he loves to surf, kitesurf, standup Paddle, towin, foilsurf, windskate, paraglide or motocross.

And Now I like to stay the most time as I can at Home Pressing my Lorinha and going windsurf at my home break with friends !!!

"What can I say about Kauli? He is a WONDERFUL son. Aside from being very accessible to talk with and understandable, he is very responsible, inteligent (always got top grades), loving, caring with the family , and he always makes me laugh. To me, this is his best quality , his ability to make me laugh. Well, there's still all of this about being so talented. I tell him that he is my Radical Masculine son (he loves it!... Há! Há! Há!)....."
Claudia (Kauli's mother)

"What first comes to my mind is that Kauli has exceeded all I expected from a son, friend, athlete and a professional. But what really makes me happy is to be able to see him always happy with his desires and dreams, like sailing with the best gear and under the best conditions on the planet for the windsurf . He stays away from me too long but, I feel like if he was always in my heart ".
Ricardo (Kauli's father)

"I love my brother. Even though he is out most of the time , when home he's my super dear friend. I miss him a lot when he's away, he is my only brother and he is the best... I garantee it!"
Katia (His sister)

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Kauli Seadi
Kauli Seadi