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To develop social projects involving sport for purposes of cultural and environmental preservation, in doing so recovering the self-esteem of the local communities and their inhabitants. Also, to provide said projects with the final intention that the children involved develop positively and may act with more autonomy on their dreams. 

The idea for the Kauli Seadi Institute came from a strong since of athleticism alive in the Seadi family that affects its members and the way they live their lives. His parents Ricardo and Claudia Seadi, are people connected to sports, culture and education. Claudia has 18 years of experience in the art-education area, with specialization on interdisciplinary projects. Ricardo has a lot of sporting experience. He made the pioneer project "fun tennis" in 1997. This project was aimed at the social inclusion of several kids from Barra da Lagoa, on the professional Tennis area. They are: Maurílio Silveira, Ednaldo Santos and Leonardo Ramos. Today, these locals from Lagoa and Barra da Lagoa, act as tennis teachers in Florianópolis. 
Kauli Seadi himself is a man with deep affection for sport as well as a strong concern with social, environmental and cultural matters. Now through significant effort the life long convictions of kauli will become realities. 
Kauli Seadi grew up in Barra da lagoa, a fishing and tourism community in Florianopolis. When Kauli became a professional he built a home in Ibaraquera on Imbituba Beach where he developed as a windsurfer. Observing the realities of both areas is where Kauli developed the idea for his would be foundation. During this time of formation, Kauli often would include his family and friends in his planning. This support combined with an athletes determination led Kauli to search out the main problems of his two communities in order to inspire the formation of such projects as Sail life and Life school a project involving tennis and hiking education. 
Was born, then, the idea of making the KSI, and then, having autonomy and viability to carry out those dreaming projects. 
Kauli has conscience that through the Institute, he creates conditions for that other people to have the possibility to act with social responsibility in our country. 

A social institution in not made only by ideals. To give life to their mission, many people and organizers mobilizes and dedicate their time, talent and work to make dreams become realities. 

Ricardo Sperb Seadi 

Kauli Sirzanink Seadi 

- Claudia Sirzanink Seadi - President 
- Ricardo Sperb Seadi - Substitute 
- Kátia Seadi Fialho - Finnancial 
- Nádia Conceição - Secretary 

- Kayene Sirzanink Montalvão - Holder 
- Gilberto da Silva de Montalvão - Substitute 

- Felipe Bayan 
- Arthur Ferraz Neto 

- Paulo Vieira 
- Pedro Sirzanink 

- President Director - Claudia Sirzanink Seadi 
- General Director - Ricardo Sperb Seadi 

Instituto Kauli Seadi 
Sede: Rua Beco dos Coroas, 457 
Barra da Lagoa 
Florianópolis - SC 
CEP: 88.061-600 
Fone: (55) 48-3232-3331