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Sao Miguel do Gostoso is located 108 km from Natal / RN. Small city with influences of European culture in its colonization. It is noted that when we observe its native people, all people simple but hardworking and friendly and helpful. receive very good tourist. In Gostoso no violence, it seems that the time it stopped!
The city however small, has an excellent infrastructure for tourists and for residents. Many Europeans live in Gostoso, owners of great restaurants and pousadas (accomodation).
You can walk all over town, very easy and fast! There is a fleet of motorcycle-taxi, where you pay very little to go get you and take anywhere.
In Gostoso You have four choices of beaches, one beside the other: Praia do Santo Cristo, Praia do Cardeiro where is based club Kauli Seadi, Praia da Xepa and Praia do Maceio.
All are part of the same pen. The beach and sea are beautiful!! Hot water, great to sail, and the sunset at sea ..... is AMAZING!
You really feel in paradise.

Sao Miguel do Gostoso has great weather all year long because of his previlege location. We get the consistent trade winds that blow pretty steady from augost to march. The clube Kauli Seadi is basically open all year long , and we offer our services from July to April. The beging of the season the winds start more offshore and during the season the winds change direction abit from october to march and it is more side shore. We normally have the most strong days of wind from Augost to November ( usually around 20 to 30 knots) , and December to March ( wind speed average 15 to 25 knots ).

The waves are also something that is very special about Sao Miguel do Gostoso, during the months of october to March you can be looky and get some nice long waves to ride and jump . Normally every two weeks around these period of time you get some North swells , they are not big or extreme , but those waves are defenelly long rides that start on a outside reef and conect to a perfect sand bar that goes for a long time breaking with planty of sessions for aerials and turns! Totally safe rides , and planty of options to ride !! In the same day you can ride waves , go jumping , freestyle and freeride , the sailing area alows all type of riding, is just a matter of choice.

Also on early mornings for the ones that love wave riding we also have the Stand up Paddle boards that are great to ride some waves before the wind starts to blow strong. And we also sometimes organize some trips to go ride some waves in Tourinhos and watch the sunset over there! These bay is magic , very beautiful , reserved and perfect little waves!
The program here and stroll through the village, go into the bars or restaurants at night and during the day a lot of beach, sun and sailing.
The cuisine is quite varied, since restaurants have Portuguese, German, Italian, Mexican ... and traditional food which is very good, with fruits and seafood.
Nearby, about 20 minutes by motorcicle, comes Tourinhos beach: something surreal.
You can also ride a horse from Gostoso to Tourinhos, it takes about an hour and the journey is surreal.
In Gostoso we always say ... Every day is awesome "Gostoso" !


The Ibiraquera is a beach from Imbituba city and is consider tourism point as the number of visitors is growing year by year. Today is the destination of a select group of Brazilians who know this paradise.
Imbituba is the national capital of Whale Franc, because receives large number of whales between June and November coming here to breastfeed their babies.
The Beach Ibiraquera besides its natural beauty native, exuberant and charming, is considered the best beach in Brazil - and is among the best in the world - for the practice of Windsurfing and Kite on waves. It also offers other activities such as surfing, horseback riding, fishing for shrimp, sand board, trails, among others. Provides recreation and relaxation for all ages, with crystal clear waters in a stronghold near the mountains, dunes, lagoons in perfect harmony with the Atlantic - the sea and hills - with unique features of the natural beauty of Brazil.
Next to (you can go for a trail for easy access) is located at Praia do Rosa, considered one of the 30 most beautiful bays in the world and site of several night bars.
The Ibiraquera beach is a long strip of sand cut by a river, this river that makes the connection of the lagoon with the Ocean.
The Lagoon of Ibiraquera still a stronghold of fishermen. It has a natural beauty, the Sunset of the lake is one of the most beautiful of the region. The view of the Serra do Mar with the sun hiding behind it, leaving the golden sky and the lagoon on fire (red) is fantastic.

Windsurfing and kite surfing

The beaches and lagoons of Ibiraquera are among the best in the world to practice Windsurfing (hosted one of the Events from the world championship of Windsurfing waves - PWA-2007) and Kite in waves, with their best moments with the strong winds in spring. On days with wind northeast or southwest, the frequenters of the beach have classic conditions for surfing the perfect waves of the ocean. In same time the lagoon, provide excellent conditions for learning, easy and secure.
Who wants to know the beautiful beach of Ibiraquera, will have a great opportunity to sail and to know the Three-times world champion of Windsurf, Kauli Seadi. The time that the champion is present in Brazil, he remains in his house, which is in these wonderful beach, and make his activities in front of his Sports Center.

Sports center - CLUB KAULI SEADI
Inaugurated in September 2008 the Sports Center - the "Kauli Seadi Club" - which offers various activities: lessons and rental equipment for the practice of Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Surfing, Tennis, Stand-Up Paddle surfing, with great teachers, specialist in your area and Clinics with the athlete Kauli Seadi.
The best months for doing are between August and March.
Along with the Club, the "Kauli Seadi Agency of Tourism and Travel, offers great packages for those who want to know Ibiraquera, from accommodation, to transfer and car rental. It also provides leisure activities such as Whale Watching, Horse Riding, Tour by Boat, tour to beaches of the region in Waterfalls, Walk, Sandboarding, Bike, among other activities.
The Kauli Seadi Club "is located on the beach, offering a wonderful view for visitors and associates, who can enjoy the show from Franca whales and the colored sailors jumping the ramps offered by natural waves of the sea and in the same street, 400 meters, is located at the base of the lagoon "KS Club" which is in front of the flat waters of the lagoon, offering optimal conditions for learning an easy and safe, and excellent technical conditions for the practice of windsurfing and kite freeride and freestyle.


The Club Kauli Seadi rent the newest equipment on the market for Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, sails Neilpryde, JP-Australia boards, Mormaii Kites. The club has a total of approximately 60 complete windsurfing equipments for all levels Children and Adults to enjoy.

Windsurfing EQUIPMENT

1 day 51
2 day 91
3 day 124
4 day 156
5 day 188
6 day 202
1 week 215
8 days 260
9 days 288
10 days 308
11 days 324
12 days 339
13 days 354
2 weeks 369
3 weeks 465

* The responsibility for any damage, including breakage, loss and / or depreciation that there (s) equipment (s) is the sole responsibility of Customer.


It is selling Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Stand-up paddle equipment semi-new and used in wider variety of sizes and models.


- Colonization - Azorean.
- Date of foundation of the council - 21 June 1958.
- Location - 87km south of Florianopolis (FLN Airport) by BR-101.
- Climate - Temperate humid without droughts.
- Average temperatures - 28 ° C (december to March) and 18 C (June to September)
- Average rainfall - 250mm (Jan) and 80mm (Aug)
- Prevailing winds - north / northeast and south / southwest
- Season of strongest winds: august till December.
- Intensity / direction of the winds - 10m / s in North direction on windguru equals good conditions for sailing and 14m / s is equivalent to +30 knots. From the middle of August through November we have good wind and waves often from moderate to strong. December to March the wind is blowing almost every day but at moderate to slightly light intensities.
- Height of the waves by the front steps - 6m max, min 1 m, average 2.5 to 3 meters.
- Temperature of sea water - Max 27/24 º C in December to March
Min 23/17 ° C in August to November
Wetsuits - Long Mormaii 3X2mm August to November and Short Mormaii 2X1,5mm December to March

Have a Idea about what some of the Professional sailors tought about Ibiraquera:

Julien Taboulet

Ibiraquera is so a lovely place. The people are so nice and friendly, and the lifestyle is so cool. The nature, the tipical restaurants, a big barbecue of sick meet with friends, and the waves... The ride is so amazing here, you just take your board and your sails whenever you want, ready from the last session in the garden!!!! Riding this wave is so cool and so tricky, you can really enjoy in a safely place with sand everywhere, with the big wales who just cruising outside... Just a sick place!!!!

John Skye

"Ibiraquera was one of the best places I have ever visited. It is so beautiful, with an amazing mix of beach, forest, lagoon, waves, islands, hills... it has just about everything and all in walking distance from the village. We had wind every day I was there except 1 and really fun wave conditions all the time. For me it really is one of the nicest, chilled out spots I have ever been. I cant wait to get back."

Andy Wollf ( German Wave top Rider)

“Southern Brazil was a very special place for me to go to. People are happy to see foreigners. They always approach you with a smile and are curious about you. They want to heare where you are from and what stories you have to tell. People enjoy themselves and live the moment without stressing out about career goals too much. It's important to laugh and to feel good; to live healthy and at the same time enjoy partying to the fullest. They love doing sports and to party and dance.
Although it's easy to meet there are hardly any superficial encounters. People don't just say things to be friendly.
When I was in Iberraquera it was a small fishing town. Life was laid back compared to Florianopolis and its busy beaches in summertime. It's a side of Brazil that you hadn't seen or heard before. It's remote, rural. The fishermen and their families lead a simple life in close connection to the sea. But if it gets too quiet, Florianopolis with its party vibe and the busy city life is only one hour drice.
Iberraquera is a fun place to windsurf. You can sail wherever you feel like - sideonshore jumping or down the line waveriding. It's not a trade wind spot that looks the same each day. Conditions are changing a lot which makes it interesting. One day it's big waves and light wind for waveriding, the next day it's windy jumping. The waves break on a flat sand bottom which makes the spot easy and relaxed to handly - perfect to try new things, no matter if you're a pro or just starting wavesailing.
Coming from Europe Southern Brazil was one of the most important places for me to go to. It was not just a windsurfing trip but a travel experience.”

Dario Ojeda (Pro Windsurfer from Canary Islands)

“about ibira,is a especial place cos is in the middle of little mountains and lagoons with big trees where you see crossing by little roads and nice wood house,then you get to the beach where you can see this small island that divide in 2 beaches,and the waves start breaking from the island,the waves there are really long,they are easy to ride and they keep on rolling and you get sessions where you can do aerials and maniovers,the good things about ibira that you can get as good from portack and starboardtack.
the pleople there are really friendly and is everybody is or either windsurfing,surfin or any kind of aquatic sport,so you can feel that.
I made really good friends there,they like all like to have fun,I felt like at home there,also is a really relax place and peacefull in the night.”

Klaas Voget (Pro windsurfer from Gremany):

“to me Ibiraquera is one of the places with the most fun windsurfing conditions I know. The conditions can be amazing with clean and playful waves, at the same time there is nothing to fear, the people are friendly, the food is good and the place is just right in the nature. I'm looking forward to go back there...”

Marcilio Browne, from Fortaleza (PWA Freestyle world Champion 2007)

“Ibiraquera is a very especial place, by far the best wave location in Brasil!! It can combine perfect down the line riding and also some really good bump and jump conditions from both tacks!!!The wave is just so fun, really long rides and plenty of sessions to try every kind of move .Apart from all that it also provides perfect freestyle conditions in the lagoon, during all year long!!! When it is not windy , it also have some epic surfing conditions!!! the energy of the place is great, quiet and relaxing!!!!!”

Scott Mckercher ( Australian Pro Windsurfer)

“Bloody love the place.
Such a beautiful mellow place.
Mountains and river mouth's leading down to crossoffshore down the line
ripable walls and peaks. Dreamland/. what more can you ask for.
How about super cheap good food and incredibly friendly people.
Top place.
Wanna go back.”

Josh Angulo ( Pwa wave champion 2004)

" I love Ibiraquera...... Great sailing, great people, it's abeutiful place and the food is awesome. I can't wait to go back."

Robby Swift (PWA 3rd place Wave ranking 2005)

“I loved the time I spent in Ibiraquera. From the day I arrived, we had good wind and waves and I especially loved how easy and forgiving the wave is. We had a couple of days of logo high wavs with nice steep, rip-able faces and no matter how late you went or how hard you wiped out, the wave didn't seem to destroy your kit or work you too badly.
It seemed like the perfect playground for improving your sailing and trying new tricks.
It is a quiet little town with a few nice little, local restaurants. A really peaceful place to get away and enjoy some quality sailing.”

Colin Sifferlen ( Pro windsurfer from New Caledonia)

“The place you live is very peaceful in the middle of nature ,same atmospher than in New Caledonia where I live : wild ,quiet with the feeling to be close from the elements of the ocean.
The conditions are good to learn windsurfing in the waves and to improve your level also.You can sail every day ,morning and afternoon.
hope to come back one day in Ibiraquera.”


A praia de Ibiraquera é uma praia do município de Imbituba que se consolidou como ponto turístico, aonde o número de visitantes vem crescendo ano a ano. Atualmente é o destino de um grupo seleto de brasileiros que conhecem este paraíso.
Imbituba é considerada a capital nacional da Baleia Franca, pois recebe grande numero de baleias entre os meses de Junho e Novembro que vem aqui para amamentar seus filhotes.
A Praia de Ibiraquera, além da sua beleza natural nativa, exuberante e encantadora, é considerada a melhor praia do Brasil - e está entre as melhores do mundo - para prática de Windsurf e Kite nas ondas. Também oferece outras atividades como o surf, cavalgadas, pesca de camarão, sandborard, trihas, dentre outras. Propicia lazer e descanso para todas as idades, num reduto com aguas cristalinas junto a montanhas, dunas, lagoas em uma harmonia perfeita com a Mata Atlântica – a serra e o mar – com singulares características de beleza natural do Brasil.
Ao lado (você pode ir andando por uma trilha de fácil acesso) localiza-se a Praia do Rosa, considerada uma das 30 baías mais bonitas do mundo e local de varias baladas.
A praia de Ibiraquera é uma extensa faixa de areia cortada por uma barra, barra esta que faz a ligação da Lagoa de Ibiraquera com o mar.
A Lagoa da Ibiraquera, que ainda e um reduto de pescadores, possui uma beleza singular, o pôr-do-sol da lagoa é um dos mais belos da região. A vista da Serra do Mar com o sol se escondendo por detrás dela, deixando o céu dourado e a lagoa pegando fogo (tom avermelhado) é fantástica.


As praias e lagoas de Ibiraquera estão entre as melhores do mundo para a prática de Windsurf (sediou uma das etapas do campeonato mundial de Windsurf – PWA-2007), e Kite nas ondas, tendo seus melhores momentos com os ventos fortes na primavera. Em dias de vento nordeste ou sudoeste, os freqüentadores da praia encontram condições clássicas para surfar as ondas perfeitas do mar. Já as lagoas, oferecem ótimas condições de aprendizagem, fácil e segura.
Quem quiser conhecer a bela praia de Ibiraquera, terá também a grande oportunidade de velejar e de conhecer o Tri-Campeão Mundial de Windsurf, Kauli Seadi. O tempo em que o Campeão está presente no Brasil, ele permanece na sua casa, que fica nesta maravilhosa praia, e faz seus treinos em frente ao seu centro Esportivo.


O Tri-Campeão Mundial Kauli Seadi, inaugurou em setembro de 2008 seu Centro Esportivo – o “Clube Kauli Seadi” – que proporciona diversas atividades: aulas e aluguel de equipamentos para as praticas de Windsurf, Kitesurf, Surf, Tênis, Stand-Up Paddle surfing, com ótimos professores, especializados na sua área, bem como Clínicas com o atleta Kauli Seadi.
Os melhores meses para a prática são entre agosto e março.
Juntamente com o Clube, a “Kauli Seadi Agência de Turismo e Viagem”, oferece ótimos pacotes para quem quer conhecer Ibiraquera, desde a hospedagem, ao transfer e aluguel de carro. Também proporciona atividades de lazer como: Whale Watching, Cavalgadas, Tour de Barco, Tour pelas praias da região, Passeio em Cachoeiras, Sandboard, Bike, entre outras atividades.
O “Clube Kauli Seadi” está localizado em frente à praia, oferecendo uma vista maravilhosa aos visitantes e acompanhantes, que podem desfrutar do show das baleias Franca e o colorido dos velejadores saltando as rampas naturais oferecidas pelas ondas do mar e, na mesma rua, a 400 metros, localiza-se a Base lagoa do “Clube KS” que esta em frente às águas planas da lagoa, oferecendo ótimas condições para um aprendizado fácil e seguro, alem de excelentes condições técnicas para a prática de windsurf e kitesurf freeride.


O Clube Kauli Seadi dispõem para aluguel os equipamentos de Windsurf e Kitesurf mais atuais do mercado, velas Neilpryde , pranchas JP-australia e Kites Mormaii sendo o único clube em 2008 a já oferecer equipamentos modelo 2009. O clube dispõem de um total aproximado de 60 equipamentos de windsurf completos próprios próprios p Crianças e Adultos desfrutarem.


1 day                 51
2 day                 91
3 day                124
4 day                156
5 day                188
6 day                202
1 week             215
8 days              260
9 days              288
10 days            308
11 days            324
12 days            339
13 days            354
2 weeks           369
3 weeks           465
* A responsabilidade sobre qualquer dano, incluindo quebra, perda e/ou depreciação que houver do(s) equipamento(s), é de total responsabilidade do Cliente.


Encontra-se para venda equipamentos de Windsurf e Kitesurf semi-novos e Usados na maior variedade de tamanhos e modelos.


- Colonização – Açoriana.
- Data da fundação do município – 21 de junho de 1958.
- Localização - 87km ao sul de Florianópolis ( FLN Airport) pela BR-101.
- Clima – Temperado úmido sem estiagens.
- Temperaturas médias – 28ºC (dez a mar) e 18ºC (jun a set)
- Precipitação pluviométrica média – 250mm (jan) e 80mm (ago)
- Ventos Predominantes – quadrantes Norte/Nordeste e Sul/Sudoeste
- Época dos ventos mais fortes - setembro a dezembro
- Intensidade/direção dos ventos – 10m/s Norte no windguru equivale a boas condições de velejo e 14m/s equivale a +30 knots. De final de agosto a meio de novembro temos boas ondas e vento frequentemente de moderado a forte. Dezembro a fevereiro os ventos sopram quase todos os dias mas em intensidades moderadas e ligeiramente fraco.
- Altura das ondas do mar medidas pela frente – máx 6m , min 1 m , media de 2,5 a 3 metros .
- Temperatura da água do mar – Max 28/24ºC Dezembro a março
Min 23/17ºC Agosto a Novembro
-Roupas de borracha – Long Mormaii 3X2mm agosto a novembro
Short Mormaii 2X2mm dezembro a março

Sao Miguel do Gostoso wind&waves
Sao Miguel do Gostoso wind&waves